Your Everyday Stories

Want to finally understand how you can leverage Instagram Story to start Building your Community? This Course is for you! 
Part 1: The Basics
In this section,  you will learn the basics of Instagram stories
  • How To
  • The algorithm
  • Defining a Story
  • Finding Your Story Style
  • Types of Content to Post Everyday
  • Engagement. 
Welcome and a Little Housekeeping
If you are an Insta Pro, You Can Skip The Video...Maybe
Intro To IG Stories.MOV
6 mins
I. Intro To Instagram Stories
An Introduction to IG Stories
Why YOU Need to Use Instagram Stories
The Algorithm for IG Stories
72.6 KB
Why IG Stories
70.4 KB
Understanding the Algorithm
II Defining A Story
Defining a Story
70.1 KB
So What is A Story?
III. Finding Your Story Style
Story Styles
71.4 KB
The 5 Types of Story Styles
IV. 3 Types of Content to Post Everyday
Content to Produce Every Day
75.2 KB
3 Types of Content You Should Post Every Day
V. How to Increase Engagement On your IG Stories
How to Increase Your Engagement on IG Stories
73.8 KB
Tips to Help You Increase Your IG Stories Engagement
Part II: Now Let's Create
Welcome to Part II
VI. Figure Out Who What And Why
Let's Figure out Who, What And Why
42.7 KB
The Why
The Who
Worksheet: Who is your ideal follower ?
22 KB
The What
VII. What are Content Buckets and How to Figure Out Yours
Content Buckets
40.4 KB
So What are Content Buckets?
Worksheet :Content Buckets
20.1 KB
VIII: How to Plan Your Stories
How to Plan Your Stories
40.9 KB
How I Plan My Stories : A Guide
Filler Content Example
1.38 MB
Daily Stories Planner
12.1 KB
XI: Make Them Pretty
Make Them Pretty
39.7 KB
Make Them Pretty
How to Use Inshot
9 mins
READ FIRST! Instagram Stories Templates and Directions for Use
Instagram Stories Templates
X. Put it All Together
Putting It All Together!
40.6 KB
Coming Soon
Putting it All Together
Instagram Stories Analytics
How to Use Analytics to Improve Your Content